Understanding business needs; delivering technology solutions

Who we are

Like the eighth man who plays a roving role in the game of rugby, linking the forwards and the backs, 8th Man Consulting, provides the link between the often conflicting needs of business and IT. We understand business requirements better than any of our competitors.

Our professional team comes from a wide variety of industry and consulting backgrounds, yet shares a focus on Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). The combined expertise of our people ranges from finance process and performance management, to industry-leading EPM software solutions. It is this unique combination of skills with focus, experience, energy and passion that differentiates 8th Man and enables us to deliver high-value solutions to our clients.

What we do

An Oracle partner and Hyperion specialist consultancy, 8th Man provides services and solutions focused exclusively on Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). Gartner defines EPM as, “the methodologies, metrics, processes, and systems used to monitor and manage the business performance of an enterprise.” In short, EPM represents the strategic deployment of business intelligence solutions.

It allows companies to take the decisions they made through their BI systems and now strategically align these with their corporate goals. EPM integrates key performance indicators (KPIs) into short, medium, or long-term objectives.  It defines the way an organisation should operate based on a clear, corporate business strategy containing actions and processes. EPM consolidates data from various sources, queries and analyses it, and enables organisations to put the results into practice.  Continuous and realtime reviews help to identify and eliminate problems before they grow.

At 8th Man, our objectives are as follows:

  • We implement high performance and reliable consolidation, reporting, planning, budgeting and analytical solutions
  • We help our clients design EPM processes (e.g. fast close, better budgeting, and balanced scorecards), perform system selection and define and realise their EPM transformation roadmaps.
  • We ensure our clients gain long-term value and leverage from their EPM investments by providing cost-effective EPM application management services.