Hyperion Software Solutions Support

As part of our complete offering to customers 8th Man offers ongoing user support (including critical period support), as well as management, maintenance and enrichment of your Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system throughout its lifecycle.

Our clients will readily attest to their experience of enhanced service levels, improved users satisfaction, and a positive return on investment.

One relationship to meet all needs

Because you are able to deal with one service provider for all your EPM requirements, you will never have to deal with the frustration of trying to find someone who can solve your problems, or of having to waste precious time while you wait for service provides to get back to you.

What makes 8th Man unique is a combination of approach and experience. Our multi-faceted team offers a mix of skills in accounting, systems architecture, and application knowledge. This blend of experience and expertise, unprecedented in the South African market, enables us to proactively manage your systems and help your finance people to work towards continual improvement.

Our full range of support services includes the following:

  • Functional support on all Oracle’s Hyperion EPM software products
  • Application support, including a helpdesk and information on the latest software releases
  • Critical period support for possible emergencies during key periods
  • Application maintenance, which provides you with remote application development and maintenance